5 Reasons to Use distributed.energy consulting:
  • You know your income is vulnerable to rising energy prices but you aren't sure what to do
  • Your building is aging and you need to replace the energy systems within it
  • You seek knowledge or advice on energy markets, technology or companies
  • You are seeking an ally who will allow you to make informed decisions for your business
  • You're looking for ways to do things faster, better and more efficiently

The energy industry is old, stodgy and resistant to change. While energy can move at the speed of light, the energy industry moves at the pace of bureaucracy. Tap into a network of energy experts that can prepare your business for the challenging economic times ahead.

How it works, in steps?
1. initial consult phone call - 30 minutes
2. request for additional info from you as needed - mutual facilitation determines duration
3. proposal preparation - 1 week or as determined

Pricing can be based hourly or per project based on previous-day-closing or future-day-closing prices.

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